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Demolition in Johannesburg

What are Demolition services in Johannesburg?  

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Demolition companies refer to a business that specialises in the destruction or deconstruction of buildings. The main purpose of demolition companies is to help eliminate old structures from the face of the earth.

In this regard, it is obvious that demolition services have become an integral part of any construction project. Some demolition services also clean up the ditch and lift the remaining rubble to facilitate effective reconstruction work.  

Why do we offer demolition services in Johannesburg? 

Demolition is offered as a necessary service by Removalrubble because it allows space for other developments or renovations to take place. To cripple a building, various methods must be deployed. Buildings need to be completely torn down and all materials need to be completely removed from the site in the safest way possible.  

At Removerubbler Johannesburg we follow a tedious process where we do not take any shortcuts, from planning, to machinery, to manpower, we strip surfaces, breakdown walls with either machinery or manual labour depending on the site and surrounding buildings, and remove rubble, dirt, debris, fallen tiles and bricks etc from the chosen site

Even though we don’t cut any corners we are known for cutting holes into the cost of services provided, we offer the most cost-effective solution to demolition, rubble removal and gardening services in Johannesburg.  

Our team of expert strategists who have years of experience demolishing buildings think out the best plan of action before sending a team of demolition specialists to dismantle the project piece by piece. Through this way, we ensure minimal damage to the property as possible because all angles have been covered while guaranteeing that the final product is a building that gets demolished effectively and safely.  

The whole process of demolishing a building can be very costly due to safety precautions and regulations so we charge fairly based on what kind of demolition job you require be it substantial or only partial demolishing!  

Our Services Include:  


  • Building dismantling service in Johannesburg   


  • Building materials removals services in Johannesburg   


  • Demolition service in Johannesburg   


  • Rubble removal service in Johannesburg  


  • Site clearance service in Johannesburg   


  • Garden and refuse removal service in Johannesburg  


  • Waste management removal service in Johannesburg  


What we usually ask from clients is to provide us with a full outline of their initial demands and choose either partial or full demolition depending upon the level of destruction required. We then provide you with an affordable and quick solution! The team from Removerubble Johannesburg has done thousands of demolitions successfully all over Johannesburg and neighbouring areas. You and your property could not possibly be in better hands. 

demolision johannesburg
demolition johannesburg

Great Demolition Service Is Guaranteed

Rubble removal Johannesburg is the leading demolition service company, offering a professional and efficient service to suit your every need. We have fully qualified staff that is ready to help solve all your queries and provide you with a demolition service that is second to none.   

If you are in the market looking for the best demolition service in Johannesburg, then look no further than Removerubble. We demolish buildings in all areas of Gauteng Johannesburg and neighboring areas. 


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Get all the rubble removed after demolition

Let us take care of the rubble after the demoliton is complete. We will extract all debris and excess from your premises, leaving it clean. We carry a team of professionals who know exactly what to do after rubble is collected. We will properly discard all excess material leaving you with nothing but a new opportunity pursue your building plans.

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