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Let's face it, we throw things away every day, kitchen scraps, plastic wrappers, cardboard boxes and sometimes even furniture. After some time, you may find a pile of black rubbish bags in front of your lawn. This can make your property look untidy. This may also invite stray dogs and other animals to bite and ransack your rubbish leaving you with an even bigger mess.  

The rubbish that is not properly disposed or recycled can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Plastic hooks and tin cans can injure animals that try to eat them as well as poisonous chemicals like nail polish and cleaning products may be harmful if consumed by animals.  

Experts In Rubbish Removal in Johannesburg

At Removalrubbish we provide excellent rubbish removal services at competitive prices. By providing garbage removal and tidy up services, we also recycle and handle discards of all kinds. We remove old furniture, junk cars, boxes, paper, electronic appliances, filing cabinets and many other items that are difficult to dispose of yourself due to size or lack of appropriate transportation. Our goal is to keep your property clean as well as the environment. We operate on a national scale and pride ourselves on our responsive service delivery. You can count on us to help you with your clutter and trash issues fast, safe and professional!   


We can deal with any quantity of rubbish effectively. We offer an attic clearance service to make your home more organised and minimize the amount of rubbish in your house. By removing this difficult to be disposed of by yourself material that is creating clutter in your house will also help you save time and effort cleaning up your home. A huge part of our day-to-day business is dealing with office clean-up as many small businesses bulk up on old stationery during their regular end of year clear out before the new calendar year begins. This additional labour can burden an already busy schedule so if you require a rapid, efficient waste collection service then contacting one of our team can help you achieve this quickly. Whatever kind of rubbish problem you have our company will collect it in Johannesburg with expertise.  

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Are you thinking about what to do with all your rubbish in Johannesburg?

If you looking for a fast and efficient service provided that will take care of all your rubbish needs, then look no further because our specialists at  Removerubble Johannesburg can help you. No matter how large or small the job is we have it covered!   

We offer cheap household rubbish removals, guaranteed value for money services as well as free quotes. Whether this is a small child’s roomful of discarded toys or the contents of a deceased relative’s home, we can assist.   

We ensure that each item is treated with dignity and respect during the collection process and will search for ways to reuse the items before disposing of them in an eco-friendly fashion. Our team of experts are on standby 24 hours a day waiting for your call, so don’t hesitate. All you need to do is call  


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